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2015-6-5    Patch types and characteristics of capacitance
Monolithic ceramic capacitor device (commonly known as chip capacitor) is the relatively large amount of common components, there is potential to replace tantalum capacitor, NPO (COG), X7R, X5R, Y5V and different specifications, different specifications have different uses. Y5V, X5R, X7R and NPO are commonly used to introduce their performance and applications as well as the purchase of the order items should be noted. NPO, X7R, X5R and Y5V are the temperature characteristics of the capacitor, which mainly caused by the different capacitance of the media.. The capacity of capacitor, medium loss, capacity stability of different filling medium are also different.. Therefore, in the use of capacitors, according to the capacitor in the circuit to use different capacitors.
A temperature compensated NPO (COG) capacitor
NPO is one of the most commonly used monolithic ceramic capacitors with temperature compensation characteristics.. It is composed of the filling medium, and some other rare rubidium samarium oxide. NPO capacitor is one of the most stable capacitors and dielectric loss.. At temperatures from -55 DEG to +125 DEG C when the volume change is 0 + 30ppm/ DEG C, the capacitance variation with frequency less than 0.3 C. The drift of the NPO capacitor is less than 0.05%, and the relative is more than 2% of the film capacitance.. The typical capacity change of relative service life is less than 0.1%. The characteristics of different capacitance and dielectric loss of NPO capacitor vary with the frequency of the capacitor, which is better than the size of the small package.. The following table gives the capacity range of the commonly used package NPO capacitor.
Package size (mm) capacity range of pressure resistant varieties
0.4 x 0.2 (01005) 1.0pF15pF DC = 16V
0.6 x 0.3 (0201) 0.10pF100pF DC = 25V
1 x 0.50 (0402) 0.10pF1000pF DC = 50/25V
1.60 x 0.80 (0603) 0.50pF10000pF DC = 200/100/50/25V
2 x 1.25 (0805) 12pF47000pF DC = 200/100/50/25V
3.20 x 1.60 (1206) 1.0pF0.10 F DC = 500/200/100/50/25V
3.20 x 2.50 (1210) 0.50pF1000pF DC = 500/300/250/100/50V
4.50 x 3.20 (1812) 1200pF2700pF DC = 200V
5.70 x 5 (2220) 3300pF5600 F DC = 200V
NPO capacitor is suitable for the oscillator, the resonator of the channel capacitor, as well as the high frequency coupling capacitor in the circuit.
Two high permittivity X7R (R7) capacitor
X7R capacitor is called temperature stable ceramic capacitor. When the temperature of the -55 was +125, the capacity changed to 15%, which should be noted that the capacity of the capacitor was nonlinear.. X7R capacitor capacity in different voltage and frequency conditions are different, it also changes with time and change, about every 10 years a 1% change in the delta C, 10 years changes the about 5%. X7R capacitor is mainly used in the application of the industry, and when the voltage change, the capacity change is acceptable.. Its main feature is that the electric capacity can be done under the same volume. The table shows the capacity range of the X7R capacitor.
Package size (mm) capacity range of pressure resistant varieties
1 x 0.50 (0402) 220pF0.10 F DC =50/25/16/10V
1.60 x 0.80 (0603) 220pF0.47 F DC =100/50/25/16/10V
2 x 1.25 (0805) 4700pF2.2 F DC =100/50/25/16/10/6.3V
3.20 x 1.60 (1206) 33000pF10 F DC = 100/50/25/16/10V
3.20 x 2.50 (1210) 68000pF10 F DC = 100/50/25/16V
4.50 x 3.20 (1812) 0.15 F4.7 F DC = 100/50/25V
5.70 x 5 (2220) 1 F4.7 F DC = 100/50V
X7R capacitor is suitable for decoupling and smoothing.. There are 630V, 1000V, 2000V, 250V and other pressure varieties.
Three high permittivity Y5V capacitor
Y5V capacitor is a universal capacitor with a certain temperature, and its capacity varies from +22% to -82%, and the dielectric loss is 5% when operating temperature is -30.. The high permittivity of the Y5V allows the capacitor to produce up to 100 F at a smaller physical size. The range of Y5V capacitor is shown in the following table
Package size (mm) capacity range of pressure resistant varieties
1 x 0.50 (0402) 2200pF1.0 F DC =50/25/16/10V
1.60 x 0.80 (0603) 4700pF4.7 F DC =100/50/25/16/10V
2 x 1.25 (0805) 0.10 F DC =50/25/16/10V F10
3.20 x 1.60 (1206) 0.47 F DC =100/50/25/16/10/6.3V F-22
2.50 x 22 (1210) 3.20 F - 100 DC F = 6.3V
Y5V capacitor is suitable for decoupling and smoothing..

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