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In order to further improve product quality, improve a Industrial Co., Ltd. products in the international and domestic market status and reputation in the user degree, and truly realize the convenient to the customer, the hard left to their own "principle of service. We solemnly to the community, the majority of users issued the following statement:
. strengthen the pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service, the 24 hour service, advanced service, full service, life-long service, carry out in the product manufacture, installation, commissioning, the whole process of the overhaul; to ensure that the factory's products reach the corresponding standard provisions of the contract or the technical conditions, and the products manufactured pass rate reached 100%.
Second. For the key projects supporting equipment and products to ensure according to the contract requirements: the quality and quantity of, even if the exact delivery, to need technical services will send professional and technical service personnel in unpacking acceptance and guide installation, commissioning work until the normal operation of equipment.
. after receiving the user required to solve the problems appear in the use of notice, group company local sales company or local service within 12 hours rushed to the scene of service; group 4 hours make a reply within; if need to the scene to solve, the group company to ensure 24 hours sent technical service personnel, and do quality is not solved, service personnel not to evacuate.
Four. To ensure that the product of the three package service provision, product quality in the three package service period is indeed a product quality problems, strictly fulfill the obligations stipulated in the contract. Fan Chao "three pack" the product, if the user needs maintenance service, guarantee to provide maintenance service.
Five. If the user needs to carry out technical training, the company will fully help users training operation, maintenance, maintenance and other personnel, and focus on the user visits, quality tracking.

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